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My father-in-law’s mustache

At the age of 81, with no warning or precedent, my father-in-law grew a mustache. And although his physical and mental health were somewhat in decline at that point, he became fascinated with unusual words in his huge unabridged dictionary and wrote about them. He penned long letters to old friends. And out of nowhere he became a prolific poet.

winter dusk . . .
blue lights
on the cedar

Here was a man reinventing himself. Like a shrub that’s been pruned back hard, he was pushing out impressive new growth — on paper and, perhaps symbolically, on his upper lip. And when he suddenly died about a year and a half later, he left behind a table piled with work in progress and notes about future projects . . . a fitting epilogue for a person still very much in the process of becoming.

Published in Contemporary Haibun Online (, 3/20/15.

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Peeled paint

peeled paint . . .

the gray wood


and a carved heart


Published in Ribbons, the journal of the Tanka Society of America, 3/20/15.

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Each day

each day

the shadow

on the wall

*    *    *    *


Issa: the crow just laughs

Old Pond Comics: The Crow Just Laughs

Comic (c) Jessica Tremblay (

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Wind, what’s your hurry?

wind, what’s your hurry?

you rush in from the ocean

like a bullet train!

*    *    *    *

Four on spring

cinder path . . .

this bright yellow feather

at my feet


hot noon . . .

a perfect storm

of milkweed fluff


a shaft of sunlight

props it up

crumbling wall


red-bellied woodpecker



Published in Akitsu Quarterly: Spring 2015 (, 3/6/15.

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While you’re at Bill Waters ~~ Haiku . . .

. . . would you like to look at my Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku page?

I’ve recently added several more pieces, including nine new ways of looking at a blackbird, a piece of “ekphrastic” poetry, a 3-minute version of Hamlet, a micro-essay on sunbeams and smoke, a pun-ishing story about a poetry slam, and a Kafka-esque tale of a cockroach that wakes up as a tiny human.

From the sort-of sublime to the subversively surreal, that’s Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku (at least so far). LOL!

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