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Video poem 3

CLICK THIS LINK to play “Video Poem No. 3”.

Video Poem No. 3

Video Poem No. 3.

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Seize the Poem: An Anthology

About a year ago, multi-talented Caroline Skanne started a Facebook group called Seize the Poem,

…a place to share poems & kindness. Picture prompts are posted daily … Any form of small poems welcome. Be spontaneous, have fun … Let us grow together!

And so we have! The group numbers nearly 700 members now, and fine poetry is being produced by the bushel — so much, in fact, that Caroline has pulled together an anthology to showcase some of it. I’m happy to say that three of my haiku were included, one of which is on the back cover.  :- )


they reach

but cannot touch . . .

bare branches


not bones

and yet . . .

weathered wood


red admiral

its wing

a world


Seize the Poem: An Anthology (front)

Seize the Poem: An Anthology (front cover).


Seize the Poem: An Anthology (back)

Seize the Poem: An Anthology (back cover).

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Three on autumn

early autumn

and still

the cicadas


falling leaf

adds itself

to the pile


too late

to gather ginkgo leaves . . .

this wild autumn wind

Published in Akitsu Quarterly: Fall 2015 (, 9/2/15.

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Video poems 1a and 2

In a world that values bite-size arts and entertainment, “short” is very good. Add “media” to that and you have a reasonable formula for success in the ongoing struggle to gain a timeslice of a busy audience’s attention. It follows, then, that when I started seeing video poems scattered around the web, I knew it would be an art form I’d simply have to try.

The term video poem can mean different things to different people. To see what it means to me, please check out two of my first attempts to create a haiku moment at the shiny-bright intersection of “short” and “media”.  ;- )

CLICK THIS LINK to play “Video Poem No. 1a”.

Video Poem No. 1a

Video Poem No. 1a.

CLICK THIS LINK to play “Video Poem No. 2”.

Video Poem No. 2

Video Poem No. 2.

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