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Only you can prevent…

When I was younger, my best friend and I liked to go hunting for bog iron, deer antlers, and other curiosities in the New Jersey pine barrens – particularly in the winter, when there were no biting flies or mosquitoes to bother us. We didn’t mind the cold especially; we’d keep moving to stay warm, and at the midway point of our hike we’d build a little fire to heat up some food.

I remember one time when we’d made a fire and were a little short on water to put it out. The ground was too hard to bury the flames, there was no groundwater or ice nearby, and our drinking water was mostly gone.

While I was still thinking about how to put out that tiny little fire (because hypothetically speaking even a match flame could be enough to start a blaze if it spread), my buddy took his stout walking stick, stood it in the center of the fire, and pushed it – flames, twigs, coals – deep into the ground. Poof! Gone. It was like turning out a light.

It never occurred to me that the heat would thaw the frozen mud beneath it.

snow on the wind . . .
we set our sights
for home

Published in Contemporary Haibun Online (, 3/29/15.

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every which way

cut tulips

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Poetry in Public Places: Haiku No. 1

I love to see poetry in public places! With that idea in mind, I’ve created the first of what I hope will be at least several different haiku stenciled onto narrow slats of wood that I’ve decorated with beads or whatnot to balance them out and catch the eyes of passersby.

Once I have a few of these mixed-media pieces, my plan is to hang them along the sidewalks of my town — but first I have to be able to part with them! LOL!

Currently, this one — time / and clouds / passing — is hanging in my backyard. That’s public (sort of), isn’t it? ;- )

Poetry in Public Places: Haiku No. 1

Poetry in Public Places: Haiku No. 1

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Four on spring

so many miles

just to be in this tree!

migrating sparrow


from nowhere

to nowhere . . .

bridge in fog


spring evening . . .

gliding across the lake

the rower and her reflection


some nodding yes

some nodding no . . .


Published in Akitsu Quarterly: Spring 2016 (, 3/2016.

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Golden Haiku Contest 2016 Addendum

You don’t have to trek to Washington, D.C., to see at least three of the 125 Golden Haiku displayed throughout the city’s business district. Golden Triangle DC generously sent me a selection of photos of my three winning entries, some of which I’m sharing here (and on Twitter and Facebook). A fine souvenir of a very cool contest!  :- D








More photos of Golden Haiku can be found on Twitter:  ;- )

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Golden Haiku Contest 2016


Spring is in the air, and haiku are everywhere in the Golden Triangle section of Washington, D.C.!

The Golden Triangle is “the 43 block neighborhood that stretches from the front yard of the White House to Dupont Circle,” says The Golden Triangle BID (, and to celebrate the season they sent out a call for haiku from near and far.

The call was heard! The Golden Haiku Contest drew more than 900 submissions…and I’m excited to say that three of mine made the cut!  :- D

I love the concept of poetry in public places and am grateful as all get-out that a few of mine — printed on colorful signs and “planted” in roadside flower beds in downtown D.C. — will have a chance to brighten the day of passersby.

spring night . . .
walking and talking
beneath the yellow moon

saffron smudges
in the evening sky . . .

riverside wedding —
the flower girl
picks a dandelion

All winners:

A map of the Golden Triangle:

A press release from Golden Triangle BID re. the contest:

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