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Golden Haiku Contest 2016


Spring is in the air, and haiku are everywhere in the Golden Triangle section of Washington, D.C.!

The Golden Triangle is “the 43 block neighborhood that stretches from the front yard of the White House to Dupont Circle,” says The Golden Triangle BID (, and to celebrate the season they sent out a call for haiku from near and far.

The call was heard! The Golden Haiku Contest drew more than 900 submissions…and I’m excited to say that three of mine made the cut!  :- D

I love the concept of poetry in public places and am grateful as all get-out that a few of mine — printed on colorful signs and “planted” in roadside flower beds in downtown D.C. — will have a chance to brighten the day of passersby.

spring night . . .
walking and talking
beneath the yellow moon

saffron smudges
in the evening sky . . .

riverside wedding —
the flower girl
picks a dandelion

All winners:

A map of the Golden Triangle:

A press release from Golden Triangle BID re. the contest:

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8 thoughts on “Golden Haiku Contest 2016

  1. That’s awesome, Bill! :)

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  2. Thanks so much, Julie! _/|\_


  3. Thanks so much for sharing our site – we are so thankful to have your beautiful words included! Congratulations.

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    • I shared it on Facebook too (as did a number of my fellow poets). Thank *you* for conducting such a cool contest! :- D

      Incidentally, I would gladly pay (or make a donation to your organization) for a digital photo of each of my poems, and I’d bet that other poets would too. Do you have an energetic volunteer, perhaps, who might take on the task? Please think about it!… :- )


  4. Bethany on said:

    Congratulations on this. What beautiful poems – love the flower girl image and the choice to use “smudges” in the second piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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