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Two on summer

rumble of thunder

one red petunia

among the purple ones


burnished copper

beaten gold . . .

sunrise on wet sand

Published in Akitsu Quarterly: Summer 2016 (, 6/15/16.

*    *    *    *

From the heart

from the heart

of a huge stump

the maple sapling

*    *    *    *


Little kids

little kids

playing soccer

the goalie picks a flower

*    *    *    *

Reblogged: Favorite haiku — 25 little poems selected by Tom Clausen

My “virtual guest-blogger” today is the extraordinary haiku poet Tom Clausen, who shares 25 of his favorite little poems from the old masters and some of today’s most significant haiku poets!  :- D

This is an ever expanding set of haiku that have made a lasting impression on me that I hope others may enjoy… and find their own favorites in turn, here , or elsewhere . 6-04-16 ( this versi…

Source: Favorite Haiku-25 little poems selected by Tom Clausen


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