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Golden Haiku Contest 2017

Golden Haiku Brightens Planter Boxes

Having a desire to see more poetry in public places is one thing; turning that desire into a reality is quite another.

Kudos to Washington, D.C.’s Golden Triangle business association for running its Golden Haiku contest again this year! For the next few weeks, almost a hundred haiku will be on display throughout the area near the White House, including these three of mine:

the hush
of an overcast day . . .
red flowers nodding

its brown wrapper
the daffodil blossom

shrub bed —
scratching out a living
the sparrow

As a proponent of poetry in public places, I’m grateful that a few of my poems have been selected to be a part of this very cool project!  :- D

All winners:

A press release re. the contest:

My posts re. last year’s contest: Golden Haiku Contest 2016 and Golden Haiku Contest 2016 Addendum.

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One thought on “Golden Haiku Contest 2017

  1. Congratulations Bill, lovely haiku.

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