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“Tanka in a Bottle” at?…

Earlier this year I completed my first installation of Haiku in the Wild, two dozen wooden haiku mobiles hung on trees and shrubs at a Pennsylvania alpaca and llama farm. This was my first attempt to bring poetry into a (semi-)public place to intrigue people who are accustomed to seeing poems only in books. (For photos, you can check out my previous post “Haiku in the Wild” at Llamapaloosa 2017.)

In an effort to bring a little bit more poetry to people in public places, I’m currently working on what I call my Tanka in a Bottle project. Each little bottle will contain a pair of tanka — one by me, and one by my friend and talented U.K. poet Caroline Skanne — and a blurb about the Poetry in Public Places Project, a Facebook / real-world group I started in 2016 to create and promote poetry placed in urban and natural landscapes. In total, each batch of 10 bottles will showcase 20 different tanka.

Here’s what these tanka bottles look like:

Tanka in a Bottle (Prototype 2): Components

Tanka in a Bottle (prototype 2): components.

Tanka in a Bottle (Prototype 2): Assembled

Tanka in a Bottle (prototype 2): assembled.

I’m thinking of hanging these bottles in trees at a local park for people to discover and take with them. (Will they be noticeable enough? Will they withstand wind and weather? Will wildlife disturb them?)

Where else should I place “bottled tanka”? I’d love to hear your thoughts!  :- D

The multitalented Caroline Skanne is a poet (@CarolineSkanne), the founding editor of Hedgerow: A Journal of Small Poems (@hedgerowpoems &, and the founding publisher of Wildflower Poetry Press (

To learn more about the Poetry in Public Places Project, please stop by

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5 thoughts on ““Tanka in a Bottle” at?…

  1. Marco Fraticelli on said:

    Do you know about geocaching?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Marco, for the suggestion! :- ) As a matter of fact, I’m currently looking for a geocaching partner. (Like many writers, I’m more comfortable with creating than I am with implementing. Introversion vs. extroversion, I guess. LOL!) Hopefully I will find someone!


  2. I received the following supportive comment in an e-mail from Laura Maffei, editor of American Tanka:

    “I love your Tanka in a Bottle project! We definitely need more poetry in public places, and what a wonderful, elegant way this is to get people’s attention. I wish you the very best with it!”

    Thank you, Laura! _/|\_

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