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Old-growth forest

Kirtland, Ohio, is home to the magnificent 3,600-acre Holden Arboretum:

Documenting more than 120,000 plants, the Arboretum’s horticultural focus is on a recognized collection of trees and shrubs, which are displayed in gardens accompanied by groundcovers and perennials, and in themed collections.

One such themed collection is the Seasons of Haiku poetry trail, and one of my poems is on display there for the winter:

Haiku at Holden

Seasons of Haiku: such a cool outdoor poetry project!  :- D

More about The Holden Arboretum:

More about the Seasons of Haiku poetry trail:

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The deer and me

By Bill Waters (poem) and Robin White (photo)

The Deer and Me

Published in Daily Haiga (, 12/23/18.

About Robin White:

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Data haiga

Artists are doing some very cool things these days with “big data.” Data visualization — no longer the sole province of researchers — is proving to be as appealing to the eye as it is informative to the brain. But I am a writer of very short things, and my “data”, so to speak, is correspondingly small. Still, I recently found myself wondering if I too could use data visualization to add a different dimension to my haiku.

With that in mind, I took a one-line poem of mine — “putting down my book I read the falling snow” — and plotted how many times each letter of the alphabet occurs in it. Since the resulting graph did look reasonably like falling snow, I wove my poem into it and voila: a “data haiga”!  :- D

Data Haiga: Falling Snow

Data becomes a snow storm (kind of) in this graph, which plots the letters of the embedded poem against how often they occur.

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Published in SONIC BOOM …for writing that explodes, issue 13, 12/9/18.



along the canal . . .

wood smoke

Published in Hedgerow: A Journal of Small Poems, issue 125, 11/2018.

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