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“Springtime” crayon

“springtime” crayon —

I color

the world

*    *    *    *

Haiku poetry day 2020

young pear tree —

just old enough

to blossom


Happy International Haiku Poetry Day, everyone!  :- D

*    *    *    *

Windy woods

windy woods —

the clack and squeak

of branches

*    *    *    *

New Jersey Botanical Garden haiku installation 2020

Fragrance of Lilacs

My poem at the New Jersey Botanical Garden. Photo by Carol Palomba and (c) Haiku Poets of the Garden State.

Alas, the Haiku Poets of the Garden State’s installation at the New Jersey Botanical Garden for National Poetry Month ran for only a week before COVID-19 caused the grounds to be closed.

Still, one week is better than none! Plus, all 24 of the poems from the (preempted) month-long exhibition can be seen at the HPGS website:

My poem, above, has been “planted” in the lilac garden, which will soon be in bloom. :- )

*    *    *    *


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