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The Amazing Pumpkin Carve 2020, part 1

Due to COVID-19, the Hopewell Valley Arts Council is presenting this year’s Amazing Pumpkin Carve — a fall festival in Central New Jersey featuring dozens of fanciful hundred-pound pumpkins — as a drive-thru. How clever is that?  :- D

Last year ten of my haiku and senryu provided a touch of public poetry on yard signs. This time around, I’ve created six oversized gravestone-shaped signs bearing epitaphs in the manner of days gone by. Here are photos of them that I took at home before bringing them to the fairground to be set up. I hope you enjoy them (if “enjoy” is the right word for gravestones… LOL!- ).

After writing the epitaphs, I designed the signs using online software at and had them printed on 3′-by-2′ corrugated plastic.

Next, I trimmed the top of each sign into a gravestone-y shape with X-acto knives. (It wasn’t super-difficult, but it *was* time-consuming. LOL!- )

Finally, I took a printout of an image I found of a “flying skull” grave rubbing to a local Staples and had it laser-copied onto weatherproof vinyl label material. I cut out the stickers, applied them to the signs, and voila!

I guess I owe Staples — both online and bricks-and-mortar — a big debt of gratitude! ;- )

Hopewell Valley Arts Council:

Poetry in Public Places Project:

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7 thoughts on “The Amazing Pumpkin Carve 2020, part 1

  1. aloha Bill. way fun project, with many spin-off ideas. dry cool. aloha r.

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  2. Love them. Mrs. Olde-Yung is my particular favorite. It is always great to see your visually enhanced writing. Thanks for sharing.

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