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Haiku + Tanka, Haibun, Rengay, Shahai, & More


This half-minute video poem is another in a series of cool collaborations between me and choreographer / dancer Charly Santagado of Mignolo Arts.

Once again, Charly’s interpretation of one of my micropoems employs her Movenglish® dance-language to show meaning in a way that lets viewers actually “read” the dance. We hope you enjoy it! :- )

zigzagging / through the street market / stall to stall . . . / the feel of your hand / in mine

CLICK THIS LINK to play “Zigzagging”.

Charly Santagado, co-founder and Artistic Director of ~mignolo dance~, is a dancer, choreographer, and creator of the dance-language Movenglish. She lives in Metuchen, New Jersey, U.S.A., and can be found online at

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One thought on “Zigzagging

  1. gary waters on said:

    Mom and I really enjoyed the genre – the physical and emotional feeling that we got From the combination of the poem and the dance. Dad 😀 Sent from my iPad


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