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NaHaiWriMo 2021: week 2

tropical harbor
the rattle and splash
of the anchor chain

[2/6 prompt = The Chain]

two narwhals
crossing swords!
pepperoni dreams

[2/7 prompt = Tusk]

Tangiers . . .
strolling the maze
of the Medina

[2/8 prompt = Tangerine]

four sticks,
their fuses flaring
— “fire in the hole!”

[2/9 prompt = Four Sticks]

56 feet
and rising . . .
Mississippi 1927

[2/10 prompt = When the Levee Breaks]

the clank of tanks
and billows of smoke and flame!
arms in the air
they stumble and stagger
from their bunkers

[2/11 prompt = Dazed and Confused]

hemmed in
they share out
their last bullets . . .
the sun creeps higher
while death creeps closer

[2/12 prompt = No Quarter]

Prompts, posts, and participant submissions:

More on NaHaiWriMo and writing haiku:

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