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NaHaiWriMo 2021: week 4

the back of beyond . . .
straight to the horizon
this parched dirt road

[2/20 prompt = Where the Streets Have No Names]

searching for third gear —
the too-long whine
of second

[2/21 prompt = I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For]

as if my childhood
were only yesterday . . .
the strange lens of time

[2/22 prompt = Yesterday]

twisting, shouting —
Peter Rabbit squirms
in the arms of Mr. McGregor

[2/23 prompt = Twist and Shout]

a spent force . . .
ten million years ago
the supernova

[2/24 prompt = Across the Universe]

waiting for the train . . .
the weight of the sun
on my back

[2/25 prompt = Ticket to Ride]

weeping cherry —
the breeze blows blossoms
onto your discarded guitar

[2/26 prompt = While My Guitar Gently Weeps]

Prompts, posts, and participant submissions:

More on NaHaiWriMo and writing haiku:

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