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Fairy door no. 1: Pin Oak Cottage

What is it about turning big things into small things that makes them so appealing? Doll houses, Matchbox cars, bonsai trees, dioramas . . . and fairy doors. :- )

I’m not “into” the tiny folk; I just enjoy seeing a tree with a little, tiny door on it. (Now that I think about it, who doesn’t enjoy a door on a tree? Come on, be honest with yourself!- )

And because I’m a poet, I had to include a haiku-on-a-sign — in miniature, of course.

What’s your favorite miniature thing? . . .

Note: The poem on the sign first appeared in a public poetry installation of fairy houses in New Mexico — an initiative of the very creative mother/daughter duo Maternal Mitochondria. See New scrolls in the fairy houses. ;- )

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