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Rusted basketball hoop

rusted basketball hoop

and the wind chimes

hanging from it

Published in the Nick Virgilio Haiku Association’s Haiku in Action series (, 5/19/22.

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Drinkable haiku

into an old tin cup

a pristine trickle

of pineland water

Published in Brass Bell: A Haiku Journal (, 5/1/22.

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New Jersey Botanical Garden haiku installation 2022

National Poetry Month was especially kind to me this year. :- )

Not only did two of my haiku get displayed on yard signs at Mercer County Library (N.J.), two others got a similar treatment at the New Jersey Botanical Garden as part of the Haiku Poets of the Garden State’s annual installation!

first spears
then trumpets:
hostas emerging

shrub bed —
scratching out a living
the sparrow

I don’t have photos of the signs to share, but one of my poems is part of a collage created by the NJBG:

Poems placed outdoors are such a pleasant surprise! Have you ever seen any? And if so, where? I’d love to hear from you! :- )

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