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Hopewell Valley Neighbors magazine: Feb. ’23

As with many writers, I’m better known outside my community than within it.

Sure, a couple dozen of my poems have appeared on signs at local events, and yes, the people in charge of the events liked my work (thank you so much! <3), but I don’t think anyone who didn’t already know me connected the poems with the poet. (In one instance, someone looked at one of my poem signs and actually turned to me and said “Who is Bill Waters?”) So I’m hoping that an article in the widely circulated Hopewell Valley Neighbors magazine (pictured below) will serve to introduce me to readers where I live.

It’s not that I’m seeking attention. It’s just that local publication will add greater credibility to my reputation so that perhaps I’ll have an easier time getting people interested in future public poetry efforts. “Have you seen this article? Here are the kind of poems I write,” I’ll say in a way that’s both enthusiastic and modest. (In my dreams! In real life, I’ll probably just stammer something out and then wish I were someplace else. Sales is not my forte!- )

Regardless of whether the article boosts my visibility, though, it’s always a thrill to have work published, and Hopewell Valley Neighbors is a beautifully designed publication. Many thanks to HVN Content Coordinator Catherine Bialkowski for championing my poetry! It’s because of her that my work is a part of the February issue. And going forward, she said she will also include poems in future issues if space allows, so I’m on my way to becoming a household name — or at least not remaining the best-kept secret of Hopewell Valley. ;- )

The text (which is a bit blurry in the scan):

winter sky . . .
a twist of smoke
at sunset

false dusk
and the tinkle of sleet . . .
dozing over a book

an ancient coin
in the sky
this winter evening

bare branches 
and the hawk 
perched among them

sifting down 
into drifts . . . 
winter silence

chaise lounge —
a thick cushion
of snow

Bill Waters is a published writer of short poetry and compressed prose. His work has appeared around the world in print and online journals as well as locally/regionally on outdoor signs at Hopewell Valley Arts Council’s Amazing Pumpkin Carve, Mercer County Library’s National Poetry Month installation, and the New Jersey Botanical Garden.

In addition, Bill runs the Poetry in Public Places Project, a Facebook group dedicated to showcasing poems that are displayed outdoors to bring moments of insight and entertainment to passersby.

Bill lives in Pennington with his wonderful wife and their two adorable cats. He can be reached at and on Instagram @billwaterspoet.
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5 thoughts on “Hopewell Valley Neighbors magazine: Feb. ’23

  1. gary waters on said:

    We always knew that we had son who was a celebrity – FANTASTIC!! Much pride and love, Mom & Dad 👏😀😀💕🇱🇷

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  2. Congratulations! Beautiful poetry, as always!

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  3. Hey, thanks so much, Balilike! _()_


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