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Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku II

Welcome to Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku, part two! This is my blog-within-a-blog, a page where I can share some of my non-haiku-related writing — micromemoir, rhyming and unrhyming verse, “found poetry”, and more. I hope you enjoy it!  :- )

S is for . . . smoke

I was out for a drive on a sunny November morning, and I was five cars behind a big dump truck. We were all moving down a narrow tree-lined road, and as the truck driver shifted up through the gears, clouds of exhaust came blasting out of his muffler. All that pollution! I set my ventilation system to internal as the bluish haze expanded — above the cars, above the truck, above the trees. And then I noticed the sunbeams: long, slanting shafts of light among the bare branches. Without the smoke, I couldn’t have seen those sunbeams; without the darkness, I wouldn’t have seen the light.

* * * *

Published in Lost Paper (, 7/16/21.

Swimming to Byzantium: A Parody

If you haven’t heard of “Sailing to Byzantium”, a poem by the late, great William Butler Yeats, I’m willing to bet you’ve heard — somewhere — the first line of that poem:

This is no country for old men.

If so, you’ll appreciate a parody of Yeats’s poem that begins “This is no country for old fish.” LOL! It was inspired by a painting of the same name by my artist-colleague Lorette C. Luzajic.

                                          This is no country for old fish.
                                          Too easily netted or hooked,
                                          we gasp for air, lying in a dish
                                          while waiting to be cooked.

                                          An elderly fish is a thing
                                          of pity — fins without vigor,
                                          tails without much swish or zing.
                                          Young fish are stronger (though not bigger).

                                          Sage, thyme, and God’s holy fire
                                          will usher me out of this life.
                                          A brazier shall be my pyre;
                                          my priestess shall be a fishwife.

                                          Goodbye, Bosporus! I take leave
                                          and ascend with the scented smoke!
                                          Free of my body, I will not grieve;
                                          an old fish is but a bitter joke.

Swimming to Byzantium, by Lorette C. Luzajic.

* * * *

Published in MacQueen’s Quinterly (, 6/12/21.

For the text of “Sailing to Byzantium”, by William Butler Yeats:

For information about Lorette C. Luzajic:

Jabberwocky, Summarized

                                         ’Twas brillig on that fateful day
                                               the vorpal blade went snicker-snack.
                                         The Jabberwock quite lost its head;
                                               the hero went galumphing back.

* * * *

Published in Nonsense Verse, an anthology from the venerable Moonstone Arts Center, Philadelphia, June 2021.

For information on the Moonstone Arts Center:


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