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Imperial Germany, 1918

Who knew that buried in the prose of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities is a poem about Imperial Germany’s growing awareness that it was on the brink of losing the First World War?

“Reading Between the Lines of A Tale of Two Cities: Imperial Germany, 1918″, at Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku!  :- D

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Two ekphrastic poems

Two new pieces of ekphrastic poetry at Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku.

Care to check ’em out?  :- )

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Ominous dreams

Who among us hasn’t had an ominous dream?

“Ominous Dreams”, a trio of short prose poems at Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku!

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Three poems

Man does not live by haiku alone. (Nor does woman.)

A rhyming quatrain, an “excavation poem”, and a book spine poem at Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku.  :- D

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National poetry month 2016

This year for NaPoMo I’ve been attempting the writing prompts at The Found Poetry Review (

If you’re curious to see some hidden meaning I discovered in a 1921 Bulletin of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, check out Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku!  ;- )

Two ekphrastic poems

Ekphrasis: a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art.

Two new ekphrastic poems that riff on works by Marcel Duchamp and Pablo Picasso at Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku.  :- D

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Scalp warning

And now for something completely different: blackout poetry!  :- D

Please check out “Scalp Warning” at Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku.

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Four book spine poems

“Found poetry” + books on a shelf = four more book spine poems at Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku. I hope you’ll take a look!  :- )

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Time capsule

What’s a book spine poem? A poem composed of…well, book spines!  ;- )

Please check out “Time Capsule” at Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku.

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The miller and the gleaner

More “found poetry” at Bill Waters ~~ NOT Haiku: another remix, but this time based upon the works of seven different renowned poets. It’s interesting how well such disparate lines of poetry can come together into a totally new poem, don’t you think?…

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