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Drinkable haiku

into an old tin cup

a pristine trickle

of pineland water

Published in Brass Bell: A Haiku Journal (, 5/1/22.

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Fairy door no. 5: Shell Cottage

Making fairy doors is fun! Here is my fifth one: Shell Cottage. :- )

          burnished copper
          beaten gold . . .
          sunrise on the wet sand

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National Poetry Month @ MCL, 2022

To celebrate National Poetry Month last April, Mercer County Library (Lawrence, New Jersey, branch) graciously hosted an installation of my haiku: ten yard signs placed in the grass and gardens across the front of the building.

The concept was a hit, and this year the library adopted the program and produced a dozen signs of their own! (Two of my haiku are in the mix.)

What began as a one-time “proof of concept” initiative has transformed into an annual event. Let’s hear it for poetry-loving librarians everywhere! ::applause, applause::

gone to seed . . . / dandelion wishes / on the breeze (Photo courtesy of Julia Cuddahy, MCL reference librarian.)
public library / the little girl skips / to the door (Photo by Bill Waters.)

For more information about the Mercer County Library System:

For more information about the Poetry in Public Places Project:

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Bridge in fog

from nowhere

to nowhere . . .

bridge in fog

Published in Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog (, 4/1/22.

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Weeping cherry

weeping cherry —

pastel blossoms fall

on antique headstones

* * * *

Clouds at sunset

now purple

now gray:

clouds at sunset

* * * *

Fairy door no. 4: Anchor Cottage

After making three fairy doors out of twigs, I wanted to change things up by making some with a seashore vibe. I didn’t have any driftwood, though, so I posted an ask in my local Buy Nothing FB group.

Lo and behold, someone came through for me with a baggie stuffed with small bits and pieces from the beach!

Note the curved roof support! And the blue circular thing is an enameled metal button with an anchor on it, compliments of my wife’s button jar. 💕

After I constructed the door, I realized I needed a sand dune to photograph it against. What to do? I did not ask the Buy Nothing group for one — LOL! — but I did create a suitable backdrop with a rights-free image that I blew up and edited. Pretty effective!

          burnished copper
          beaten gold . . .
          sunrise on the wet sand

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Night haiku

you come and go

as you please . . .

fickle moon

Published in Brass Bell: A Haiku Journal (, 12/1/21.

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Edible haiku

summer woods . . .

beneath the leaf mold


wabi? sabi?

I scratch my head

and eat some wasabi

Wabi and sabi — the bittersweet beauties of imperfection and impermanence — are fundamental Japanese aesthetics that figure prominently in haiku. I can never remember which is which, though, so I’m forever looking them up. LOL!

(For a more nuanced look at wabi and sabi — because it’s more subtle and complex than the simplistic definition I offer above — see my post The Wabi-Sabi Aesthetic.  ;- )

Published in Brass Bell: A Haiku Journal (, 5/1/21.

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Haiku poetry day 2021

April 17th was National Haiku Poetry Day! (There’s a day for everything, right?)
As a part of the day’s celebratory events, The Haiku Foundation presented its 7th-annual HaikuLife Haiku Film Festival, which included four of my under-a-minute video poems.
You can find all 51 films from the 2021 festival here:
Mine appear toward the bottom under the section titled “Video Haiga” and include “Urban Canyon”, “Time and Clouds”, “Icicles”, and “Ghosts in Your Eyes”.  :- )

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